360 workshops @ The Tate Exchange

The 360 degree frame is a much larger frame than available in traditional photography. Reframing Identity 360 aims to explore how capturing images in 360 might reveal alternative/hidden understanding of identity through self-portraits. Can 360 captured images raise awareness of how interconnected we are? Can we can all be seen ‘neighbours’? As no person is ever behind the gaze of the 360 camera, everyone is included. In traditional photography, it is easy to focus on the subject of the image in the viewfinder. In 360 photography with a much wider frame to work with, you need to reframe yourself to become the focus for the image. You need to consider your environment, down to the floor you stand on, and the ceiling above.

Working at The Tate Exchange (01/03/2019) as part of the University of Reading with a 360 camera and a giant silver sphere, I worked with school groups and members of the public to create interesting self portraits. After showing participants how the 360 camera worked, we took a spherical image and then manipulated the scale and focus of the image to create interesting effects in a non-3D image that could be printed and added to the archive wall in the gallery.

Kassie Headon 2019

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