Quad Bike Sheepherding in 360

March 2018 - January 2019

In collaboration with the purpleSTARS and the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) I produced a 360 sheep herding experience which can be viewed on a quad bike installed in the museum. The purpleSTARS are a collective of artists and technologists with and without learning disabilities who are working to make museums more sensory and accessible. Whilst we were exploring the collection at MERL, we found out that some sheep farmers use quad bikes to get around their farm and we found this really exciting. We thought it could be great to experience a video of what this might be like, and using a 360 camera seemed like a good way to do it.

purpleSTARS ideas about the quad bike 360

I worked with the purpleSTARS group to find out what kind of things we wanted to know about sheep farming and how the 360 video might tell a story. Then, collaborating with my friend and producer Adam Stead, we travelled to Dartmoor to meet Russell Ashford who agreed to be in our 360 film.

After going to Dartmoor and testing the initial footage of simply watching a scene where you are on the quad bike driving on Dartmoor with the dog and the sheep, it became clear that this simple version was very effective. We put on hold some of our ideas about creating more of a story and narrating the 360 film as it seemed more powerful to keep it simple. Instead we created a film to go alongside the 360 experience which can let you find out more about life on Dartmoor and farm life.

The quad bike 360 experience is available in the MERL museum, where you can view it sat on a very similar quad bike, or with a set of handlebars which vibrate a little, which adds to the sense of presence participants feel when watching it.

Participant sat on the quad bike, trying the sheep herding video

Kassie Headon 2019

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