Travel App Design

Taskly for Travel is a web app for travel planning. It combines all the things you need in one place so that you can plan a great trip! 

The idea came about because I know that planning your trip should be part of the fun of it. However, I found myself storing my travel aspirations at the back of notebooks and by taking screenshots on my phone - places that are unorganised and easily forgotten. I collected opinions from other travellers via questionnaires and interviews, and it was clear they felt the same way. So, Taskly was born - a place where you can store your research, plan an itinerary, tag things to a map, and collaborate with others to plan the best trips!

User Research

To identify my target user group I conducted questionnaires and interviews. My target audience were people who identified that they planned 'things to do' before they go on a trip.  

Screenshot of the main questions in my market research survey

I found that most people used a combination of different methods (on paper, remembering in their head, documents) to store their travel information, rather than a specific service or app. This gave a clear indication that there is a gap in the market that Taskly for Travel can fill. 

I then selected three people from my target audience and interviewed them to identify the common problems they had when planning a trip. This lead me to create a core feature set that Taskly would fill to ensure it would solve these problems. These were: 

  • Easily organise your notes into an itinerary  

  • Tag 'things to do' by location so you can view them on a map

  • Tag 'things to do' by cost so you can budget 

  • Collaborate with others

Using the results from the survey and interviews, I also created three personas for Taskly. 

The Traveller wants to make their money last as long as possible. They have lots of notes for lots of different places that they want to keep organised. 

The City Breaker wants to make the most of their short trip by planning things to do that are near each other. They'd like to have a rough itinerary put together so they don't have to spend too much time planning whilst they are there. 

The Group Organiser wants to plan a trip for a large group of friends. They wants to share itinerary ideas with the group and get their feedback. 

I used these personas to design a experience map covering the different stages there are when you are planning a trip. This helped me to consider how Taskly can help users along every step of their trip.

Customer Experience Map

I planned the structure of the Taskly for Travel web app by conducting a card sorting activity with my target users. This helped me understand how people would expect the web app to be laid out. 

Results of a card sort with two of my participants

The site map for Taskly for Travel adapted over the user testing process. Initially, it was a helpful reference when sketching ideas for user journeys. Then, as I tested these with users, I was able to refine the site map to reflect the changes in organisation.

Taskly Information Architecture

Sketches and Wireframes

I created sketches to plan the workflows for the main features of Taskly for Travel. I then made these into clickable prototypes and tested them with 3-5 different users each time. As the users encountered difficulties, I tweaked or redesigned the workflow until it worked.

Sketch for workflow: create an itinerary

Design for creating a new note

Visual Design

After testing and refining the user flows for the main features of Taskly for Travel, I began thinking about making sure it is visually appealing to users.  Taskly for Travel will be a web app used by people in their free time when they are thinking about their travel aspirations, so the design needs to reflect this. I researched other travel websites and the colours and images they use for inspiration.  

For the Taskly for Travel landing page I tried a number of different versions to achieve its goal of, getting people to click sign up. I looked at the language and content of other sites and also conducted an A/B test to find the best version. Users reported being enticed by the arrow to see the 'great features' of Taskly and the location of the 'Sign up' button.